Sunday, Jul 29, 2012
Alwaleed Atrium, Amman, Jordan
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"Al Waleed Real Estate" completes "Alwaleed Atrium" in Jordanian capital Amman

At a cost of AED 50 million
Dubai, UAE; July 29, 2012: "Al Waleed Real Estate", Dubai based company has completed the construction of its modern landmark "Al Waleed Atrium", within the Abdali area in Amman, Jordan, which is the main investment area in Jordan with the investment cost of up to 50 million dirham's.

"Al Waleed Atrium" project is a commercial building with four floors of underground parking spaces for 108 cars, Retail Space at the ground floor and six levels of office space with gross floor area of about 6.712 square meters.

Mohammed Abdul Razak Al Mutawa, CEO of " Al Waleed Real Estate": "Despite the global financial crisis on the region we have succeeded in "Al Waleed Real Estate "to fulfill keep our promise and our commitment to all our strategic partners through the delivery of all our projects, including the" Al Waleed Atrium, "which is located within the Abdali area in Amman, Jordan, And at the same time we seek to move forward on the same approach in the future also as per the plans of our parent company "Al Waleed investment group."

"Al Waleed Atrium" project has been developed according to the best specifications that match the highest international standards, where we used a wall to separate system with thermal, and double glazing for insulating sound, and the best types of marble in the main entrances and corridors on the upper floors, and, modern elevators, in addition to a sophisticated system for heating and cooling.

"We see that the general situation in Jordan is very good and very encouraging to invest and take advantage of the opportunities available in many economic sectors, they are of the few countries not affected by Arab spring, have been affected to a limited extent by the global economic crisis, as it is evidenced by the process of development and sustainable construction of infrastructure which is still ongoing, under development of the new building and the work of expansion of Queen Alia Airport in Amman, which is an area four times the current airport, in addition to the establishment of the main road that links it in the city." He added.

The New Abdali project, which reaches the investment value more than U.S. $ 5 billion (18.4 billion dirham's), from projects promising economic and smart in the way of urban planning for the future of the Kingdom of Jordan, which depended on the model of modern development, which creates an environment and a single place to work, live & entertainment at the same time. It is expected to begin receiving the new Abdali visitors and residents by the end of the year 2012.

"The new Abdali" when completed It would be a center of the Jordanian capital Amman, where the main business district, is being developed on a total area of 384 thousand square meters, while the total built up area of 1.7 million square meters. It has been carefully planned through the use of the best experiences and competent contractors, solid infrastructure, where it is linked to a network of modern roads and streets that serve traffic, extremely smooth, to and from Abdali.

"Al Waleed Real Estate" has a long experience in the development and construction, which began operations several years ago, where the company developed a variety of buildings and residential and commercial towers and a number of villas within Dubai and Sharjah and own some land in Ajman.
In this regard Al Mutawa, said that: "Al Waleed Real Estate" has been completed many diverse real estate projects in the United Arab Emirates before the global financial crisis, including the "Al Waleed Paradise tower" within the "Jumeirah Lakes Towers," and we have established a association to manage it under the umbrella of the Law of Owners Associations also He pointed out the strong financial position of the company, where they rely mainly on the internal cash flows are reinvested in the business for the expansion.

For more info, please contact:
Mohammed Toorky
Executive Manager
"Al Waleed Real Estate"

Author : Zawya